Error Messages

Error Messages

Why am I getting a “NarcBox door is not secured” Message?

There are optical sensors that watch the door to see if/when it opens. Sometimes, the limits on the sensors are not forgiving enough; and due to install location, orientation, and a speed bump or throw a "Door unsecured" alert when really a sensor just left its prescribed acceptable range for a few seconds.

This issue isn't common, but does happen from time-to-time, and the issue is always 'locked' to specific hardware; meaning you likely only see this on one specific device.

We are working on tuning the sensor algorithms, to make the Narcbox more immune to these false events. These would come to you in the form of a firmware update which are being worked on periodically.  It is always a great idea to update to the latest firmware when available.

I'm getting an "Open Error", "Timeout" or other WiFi Error:

"Open Error" simply means the box can't "open" a connection to the website. This can be caused by a variety of factors; and is commonly a temporary condition.

"Sync Failed Timeout" means the WiFi connected to the box is weak and is not able to send data to and from the box in a timely manner.

If this is a new network connection, it is possible there is a firewall or some other network setting that is not allowing the box to communicate through that connection.  See WiFi FAQ for recommended whiteilsting information.

If this is a connection you have used before, typically what happens is the router "dropped" the communication port while leaving the connection alive. This is usually temporary as routers reset ports frequently.  Wait 15-30 minutes and then try again.

Some cases, the network connection is just taking too long to get a response through, and the box "times out" while waiting for a response.

If this error is consistent here is what we recommend doing:

  1. Open the door (always perform maintenance with the door open)
  2. Delete all saved networks from the "Saved network" list
  3. Reboot the router you want to connect with (just to make sure it clears any old connection data that might be causing a problem)
  4. Reboot the box (press the internal reset button or pull power and battery cables for a few seconds, plug back in)
  5. Give it 2 minutes to reload and make a new WiFi connection
  6. This should clear any corrupt connection data/ip tables that might be stored on the box or in the router that might be causing some pain here. If you still get the error, delete that first network and maybe try a second (office or hotspot) .... If connecting to a different network solves the problem, it would suggest there is a firewall setting or permission problem involved with the first network. See WiFi FAQ for more information

Bad ID:

The access method you are trying to use is either not correct or the NarcBox has not synced to our server via WiFi after changes were made online. Check the information is correctly entered in your account at  If correct, manually sync the box (To do so, on your NarcBox, select the Settings (Gear Icon), when you WiFi logo is green, Press Sync).  If you are unable to sync you will need to check your WiFi connection and/or reset the box.

Failure Bad MD5:

Bad MD5 is a bad or non solid WiFi connection, possibly with static interference.  Firmware updates needs a good solid one minute of WiFi connection.  Our suggestion is to try another WiFi connection.

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