What if my NarcBox is not connecting or syncing as expected?

We highly recommend whitelisting the following to ensure the NarcBoxes are sending requests to the server and back again, even if your network does not have any firewalls set up.  Please whitelist and allow all traffic to and from http://www.narcbox.com//* (port 80) AND https://narcbox.com//* (port 443).  

We have also found it very beneficial to whitelist the Mac Address of each device too.  This ensures your network connection will allow the device to connect every time it needs to. You can find the Mac Address: On the NarcBox - go into Settings (gear icon, top right), Wifi, Advanced.  On the HQ - go into Settings, WiFi Settings, on the right side.

What kind of WiFi connections can I connect to?

You can connect to any WiFi that runs with 2.4GHz bandwidth, that doesn't require a 3rd party login or the need of a browser to enter credentials or accepts terms. Most WiFi routers will work as long as the 2.4GHz bandwidth is on and most hotspots work great as long as the firewall settings above are completed if required.  Our NarcBoxes are not compatible with 5Ghz bandwidth connections.

Can I connect the NarcBox to multiple WiFi's?

Yes, you can connect to multiple WiFi's.  To connect to WiFi select the Settings (gear icon) - > WiFi -> Scan for Networks -> Select WiFi network you wish to use -> Enter password (if needed) - > Connect.  The box will keep all WiFi Connections that were entered until they are manually deleted from the Saved Network list.  The NarcBox will connect to the strongest WiFi in range.

What protocol does the NarcBox use?

The box currently runs 802.11B/G.

We require any device that accesses our network to use some type of authentication. What authentication protocols are supported by the NarcBox?

The NarcBox is configured for standard WEP/WPA/WPA2 that does not require a 3rd party browser login or key/cert.


We use the device’s MAC address to authenticate some products, is there a way to determine the NarcBoxes MAC address?

Yes, the MAC is found on the WiFi tech info screen.

For the NarcBox- go into Settings (gear icon, top right), select the Wifi option, in the Wifi menu select Configuration and the Mac Address will be listed on the top of the screen.
For the HQ- go into Settings, select Wifi Settings and the Mac address will be listed on the right side.

Can I connect the NarcBox or HQ to a Hidden Network?

Yes, both HQ and NarcBoxes have the capability of connecting to Hidden Networks. 

  1. NarcBox: go into Settings (gear icon), WiFi, Advanced. Enter the SSID, Enter the password, press Done. Select Security Mode, (most common is WPA2), Press Select.  NarcBox will attempt to join to the Hidden Network if everything is entered correctly.  Keep in mind both the SSID and Password are case sensitive.
  1. HQ: go into Settings, WiFi Settings, select Hidden Networks (left side of screen).  Enter the Hidden SSID Name and Password, change the Secuirty Type if needed (most common is WPA/WPA2 PSK).  Press Connect.  HQ will attempt to join to the Hidden Network if everything is entered correctly.  Keep in mind both the SSID and Password are case sensitive.

Can I connect the NarcBox via Ethernet?

The only box that will have the capability of connecting via Ethernet is the HQ.  It also has Power over Ethernet ability.

The other boxes do not have this capability.

Box will not connect to WiFi, "Open Error", Receiving Baud Rate Error, Failure Bad MD5 or Sync Fails:

"Open Error" simply means the box can't "open" a connection to the website. This can be caused by a variety of factors; and is commonly a temporary condition.
If this is a new network connection, it is possible there is a firewall or some other network setting that is not allowing the box to communicate through that connection. See Firewall info above.
If this is a connection you have used before, typically what happens is the router "dropped" the communication port while leaving the connection alive. This is usually temporary as routers reset ports frequently.
Some cases, the network connection is just taking too long to get a response through, and the box "times out" while waiting for a response.

If this error is consistent here is what we recommend doing:
  1. Unlock and Open door, leave door open during entire troubleshooting process
  2. Go to Settings, WiFi, Saved Networks, Select each Network and Forget.  Do this for all of them.
  3. Press and hold the internal reset button for 10 seconds (located behind the screen near the edge of the circuit board).  Allow box 1 full minute to fully reload.
  4. Reboot the router you want to connect with
  5. Go to Wifi, Scan Networks, Select the Network to connect to, Enter password, press Connect.
  6. Press Back and press the Sync.  Once you get 'Sync OK' you are good.
  7. Now check for a firmware update and update if available. See Firmware Update

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