NarcBox Pre-Launch Protocol

NarcBox Pre-Launch Protocol

 The following protocol should be performed at least 1-2 weeks prior to your departments GO LIVE date with the NarcBox.  Notify NarcBox support team ( of your planned GO LIVE and training dates and set up a call 5-7 days before GO LIVE date to review your launch readiness and assist with any technical issues or questions.

Pre-Launch Checklist

  1. Install/Place NarcBoxes in their assigned locations (vehicle or station).  Permanent mounting is not necessary at this point but can be completed and is highly recommended.  
  1. Connect the NarcBox to the vehicle and/or station WiFi:

DIRECTIONS: On the Narcbox Main Menu select Settings (Gear Icon) -> WiFi -> Scan for Networks -> Select the network you wish to connect to -> enter password (if necessary) -> Join
 -> Continue -> Back

  1. Once connected, please perform a manual sync:

DIRECTIONS: On the Narcbox Main Menu select Settings (Gear Icon) -> Sync -> (When green checkmark appears it is successful)

  1. Once the sync is completed, please check for firmware updates.  Download updated firmware if available.  You always want to perform Firmware Updates and any maintenance with the Door Open:  

DIRECTIONS: On the Narcbox Main Menu -> Unlock Door -> Enter PIN/RFID/BIO; Narcbox Main Menu -> select Settings (Gear Icon) -> System -> Maintenance -> Firmware Update

  1. Updating your firmware will ensure your box does not encounter any issues and is running to the best of its ability.  It is recommended to check for firmware updates at least once a month.


If possible, keep the NarcBox in this location for 3-4 days to test for continuous connectivity and auto reporting functions.


The NarcBox Launch Support Team will contact you at the predetermined agreed upon time to review your launch readiness and assist with any technical issues or questions.

Thank you!

NarcBox Launch Support Team

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