NarcBox Firmware Updates

Current Firmware released is '3.40.03' for V3 NarcBoxes and '1.5.4' for HQ's. If you have NarcBoxes that are running on anything lower, updating the firmware is recommended for best performance, stability, and access to the latest features. Please see the NarcBox Firmware Changelog or HQ Firmware Changelog for a complete list of changes. If your NarcBox is running on 3.18 or lower and you are having trouble updating, please contact us for assistance in handling the update.
If you have V2 (firmware starting with 2.##) NarcBoxes please contact us for future options.

Why update the firmware?

Much like a modern smartphone, the NarcBoxes run on firmware. As we make changes, improvements, and activate new features, these features come to your Narcbox in the form of firmware updates.

Currently all firmware update control is locally on the Narcbox. To check if there are updates available, you can look under "Announcements" in the support section of this website; and you can also check for updates right on the Narcbox.

You can see the current firmware version by going to: Menu -> Settings (Gear Icon) -> System -> Tech Info

To check and run an update on the Narcbox:

  1. Unlock and open the door (we recommend to always unlock and leave the door open when performing maintenance)
  2. Go to Settings, once the WiFi logo turns green Press 'Sync' and wait for the green checkmark.  (The Narcbox must be on an active network connection. It will not see or be able to update firmware without being able to contact the server.)
  3. From the Settings Menu -> System -> Maintenance -> Firmware Update
  4. If there is an update available, you will be asked if you want the NarcBox to run the update.  Enter your PIN or scan your RFID Card.  The latest available firmware will start downloading to your NarcBox. 
  5. When it completes, press Continue to reboot.  Then go to Settings, once the WiFi logo turns green Press 'Sync' and wait for the green checkmark.
After running the firmware update successfully, "v3.40.03" should show at the top of the NarcBox Logo screen. If you do not see this number, please press the internal reset button behind the screen near the edge of the circuit board.  Once reloaded you should see the updated firmware version.

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