My NarcBox screen froze, what do I do?

My NarcBox screen froze, what do I do?

Most of the time the NarcBox screen will freeze if the box is running older Firmware and/or the box needs to be reset.  If the door is open, you can press the internal red or black reset button behind the screen near the edge of the circuit board.  

If your door is closed and the serial number on your box is 2300 or above, unplug the unit for 1 minute or more, once plugged back in the box screen will reset.
If your serial number on the box is lower than 2300 and it is closed and you are unable to open it, you will need to unplug the box and allow the battery to die.  While waiting for the box to die, you can go online and place that box security setting to 'Monitor' mode. When the box has died and is plugged back in at a place where it had WiFi connection the box will automatically connect with WiFi and sync to our server, the door will unlock (due to the monitor mode setting) and the internal reset button can be pressed, or the screen will begin to work correctly from there.
Once working, check for Firmware updates, and update the box.  Most frozen screens will occur with out of date firmware.  More information about the latest firmware can be found at here.

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