NarcBox Security Modes

NarcBox Security Modes

The Narcbox supports 3 security modes, and they are all controlled from the website. The modes are:




Switching Modes - Switching the security mode is handled on the website, on the "NarcBoxes" page. Select a Narcbox, and click "Edit". In the Edit screen, you will see buttons to select the security mode for that box. The security mode can only be altered on a single NarcBox basis, you can't globally change the security mode for all of the NarcBoxes in your account at one time. The default mode is "Secure". 

Once the mode is selected on the website, the NarcBox then needs to "Sync" to update. It will sync automatically every 12 hours, or someone can press the "Sync" button under Settings on the NarcBox to make the changes go live instantly.

Note that anytime a sync is needed, you must have a network connection. The server can not communicate any security changes or online updates to the NarcBox without the NarcBox being online. 


Secure Mode - This is the default mode of your NarcBox, and is considered its normal operating mode. In Secure Mode the door is locked when closed, and can be opened by entering a PIN, RFID or Bio scan. The user data attached to the PIN/RFID/Bio used is then transmitted to the website and added to the report log. If there is no network connection available at the time of the event, the user with data is stored and time-stamped, and will be uploaded to the website when a network connection becomes available. If sensors detect that the door has been opened without entering a PIN/RFID/Bio, the NarcBox will send/report a "Door forced open" report. 


Monitor Mode - While in Monitor Mode the box is not secure, as the locking mechanism never locks the door. If a user enters a PIN/RFID/Bio before opening a NarcBox, data is handled the same way as it is in Secure Mode (saved and sent to the report log); and if the door is opened without first entering a PIN or RFID, the Narcbox will still generate a "Door forced open" alert. But the contents of the Narcbox are always available, and not secured.

An example of how Monitor Mode can be used: A medic has lost or damaged their RFID card, but needs to access a Narcbox. They can call their admin, the admin can go to the NarcBox configuration screen and select "Monitor Mode" on that specific NarcBox. The medic then presses "sync" (the NarcBox must have a network connection). When the NarcBox syncs, it will pickup the new security mode, and unlock the door. Note that if the medic then opens the door, the NarcBox will still generate a "door forced open" report. When the medic is finished, the admin can go back to "Secure Mode", and when the medic syncs the box again, it will automatically lock.


Lockdown Mode - If Lockdown Mode is selected on the website, when the NarcBox next syncs it will disable all access to the contents of the box. No PIN, RFID or Bio scan entry will open the door until Lockdown Mode is cleared via the website. Lockdown Mode can be used in a variety of scenarios, but was primarily designed to lock-down the contents of a NarcBox if the vehicle was taken out of service; then the NarcBox can be returned to Secure Mode when the vehicle returns to the fleet.

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