Welcome to NarcBox!

Welcome to NarcBox!

Welcome to NarcBox!

We would love to answer any questions you have about your all-inclusive narcotic management system.

We can help with step by step set up via phone or feel free to head to our website and watch our tutorials. We want you to know that we are here for you every step of the way. Below are some links to our quick basic how to videos.  You can also view all of them at our NarcBox YouTube channel.

NarcBox:  http://narcbox.com
NarcBox FAQ: https://emslogik.zohodesk.com/portal/en/kb/narctrak

We look forward to an ongoing relationship.

NarcBox Customer Support

Phone: 888-627-2269 (888-NARCBOX)
Email: support@narcbox.com

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    • NarcBox Firmware Update Changelog

      3.41.01 - 3/21/2024 Updated Shift Change and Audit flexibility for NTPro Subscribers increased intervals up to 1 month added flexible grace period - 1, 2, 3, or 4 hour before and after time selected included shift change/audit time to be on half hour ...
    • NarcBox Firmware Updates

      Current Firmware released is '3.41.01' for V3 NarcBoxes and '1.60.01' for HQ's. For NarcBoxes that are running on anything lower, updating the firmware is recommended for best performance, stability, and access to the latest features. Please see the ...
    • What to do when your Admin is leaving

      If a NarcTrak account Admin is retiring or changing jobs, this is what needs to happen before they leave: ***Please contact us if at any time you need assistance in this process at at 888-627-2269 (888-NARCBOX) or through email at ...
    • Need a NarcBox repaired?

      Please open a ticket, email us at support@narcbox.com, or call us at 888-627-2269 to determine if your NarcBox needs to come in for repairs. There are some issues that we can troubleshoot and fix in the field. Other times there are specific hardware ...
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      Press ‘Manage Inventory’ Enter Credential(s) for User 1 - PIN/BIO/RFID Press ‘Reseal’ Enter Credential(s) for User 2 - PIN/BIO/RFID Scan the Pouch RFID or enter manually "This pouch must be audited before it can be sealed", press 'Proceed' Match RFID ...