Instant Notifications/Alerts and the Device Activity Digest

Instant Notifications/Alerts and the Device Activity Digest

 *Please keep in mind, both the Instant Notifications and Device Activity Digest will apply only to the logged in user.  Each 'user/login' will need to set their own Instant Notifications and/or Device Activity Digest settings.

Instant Notifications

 After you have logged in, click on the Settings on the left side of the screen, click on the Notifications and Alerts tab.

From here you can toggle on or off any of the Instant Notification (anytime the specified event occurs you will receive your selected type of notification).  Some may have additional options to filter the single notification to your liking.
You may notice there are some instant notifications that you can turn on and some you cannot.  This is dependent on your account settings.
For example, if you track meds via non-tagged meds (qty per medication), you will not be able to turn on the pouch or tagged medication notifications.  Similarly with shift change, if you do not utilize this feature, these notifications are unable to be turned on until that setting is enabled. 

Any notification option that has a red star/asterisk (*) next to it is a NarcTrak Pro specific notification and can only be enabled with an active Pro subscription.  Click here to see more notification highlights for NarcTrak Pro. 

When completed with your selections, please make sure you select Save at the bottom of the screen.

Device Activity Digest

The Device Activity Digest is an emailed 'report' (on top of the Instant Notification you may have selected).  The Device Activity Digest is a summary of all events that have occurred in your account for the timeframe (frequency) of your choosing.  You can set it up to receive an email anytime events occur (upon occurrence), every 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours or once a week.    If you select 'Upon occurrence', you will receive a single email every time someone unlocks a door, does a shift change, enters a log med use, etc. 

When completed with your settings, please make sure you select Save at the bottom of the screen.

The Shift Change or Inventory Audit Missed Alert found on this page is only for older NarcBoxes (2019 or before) that are running on firmware older than 3.12.   This selection/setting will not apply to most Accounts but is still available to support those using it.

*Remember that all of the Instant Notifications and Device Activity Digest settings are specific to the logged in individual.  Each account admin or group admin will need to select/enable their own personal settings.

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