Track Shift Changes and Inventory Audits

Track Shift Changes and Inventory Audits

The Shift Change and Inventory Audit feature is activated on the website under Settings located on the left navigation panel and the Shift Change/Temperature tab.

Once activated, the NarcBox can be used to track shift changes and audits.

During a shift change procedure, Select "Shift Change".  The Incoming user will enter their PIN/RFID(or scan Bio) and then the Offgoing user will enter their PIN/RFID(or scan Bio). (If you wish to only use one user to perform a shift change or audit you will need to select that option on your online account under the Shift Change settings)
At this time the door will unlock (to check inventory), the NarcBox will prompt for you next entries depending on how you are tracking medications.  For non tagged medication, the NarcBox will ask for entry of the first med inventory count.  Enter the count press next to go to the next med.  Once you have gone through all meds a confirmation screen will appear.  Double check the count that was entered is correct.  If done correctly press "Done" and "Save".  If done incorrectly press "Cancel" and "Discard" to repeat the transaction.

At this time, the NarcBox sends the shift change information to the server (or saves the event if no network connection is available), and that shift change will show up in your accounts online reporting log with the date and time, identity of the medics involved and inventory count.

Inventory Audits mirrors the Shift Change function very closely.  The only difference is the verbiage where inventory audit will use PIN 1 and PIN 2 instead of Incoming PIN and Offgoing PIN. Whatever time you set for the shift change to be done at, your employees have 2 hours before and 2 hours after that time to complete the shift change or audit without triggering a 'Missed Shift Change or Inventory Audit' reporting event or notifying an admin that one was missed (if the admin has this set up). 

For a step by step video click below:

Shift Change and Inventory Audit Alert Emails
If you (as an Administrator on the account) wish to receive an email alert for any shift changes that are not occurring as outlined in your set schedule, go to your online account under Settings and Personal settings to select your desired alerts.

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