Can I use my existing RFID Card?

We recommended purchasing either our RFID Access Card, Sticker or Key Fob.  This will guarantee the NarcBoxes to work smoothly with the RFID access option without the possibility of any other outside interruptions.   If you want to use your already assigned RFID card or want to purchase cards for building or other accesses, we recommend getting an RFID card that does not run on 13.56 MHz then apply our RFID access sticker to it.  This would guarantee that our RFID sticker would work with the NarcBoxes and the agency RFID card wouldn't mistakenly be scanned.

​My RFID card won't scan

Scanning the RFID card is usually pretty simple, but some of them can be hard to read. We recommend holding the card vertically on the outside edges, then swiping the card starting over the screen towards the bottom of the case (if the case is sitting vertically). If you go to the Settings menu (gear icon) -> System (Info) -> Tech info, you can test scan cards and see the card number pop up at the top of the screen. This could help train/practice a good reading technique. As the cards get bent, moved around, sat on, etc., sometimes they get more difficult to read. We recommend having your personnel check their cards on that tech info screen, and even use it to perfect a scanning technique.

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