Forgot your PIN to access the NarcBox?

Forgot your PIN to access the NarcBox?

There are now two ways to Reset your PIN. 
  1.  Contact your Supervisor/Administrator and they can Reset the PIN online for you
  2.  NarcBox user can reset PIN via
Note: If you are a user within 2 agencies and use the same email address for both, please have an agency administrator initiate a reset PIN.

Contact your Supervisor/Administrator and they can Reset the PIN online for you.

Supervisor or Admin, log into your online account.
Go into the User section, find the user, hover over 'Actions' and press 'Reset PIN'.

NarcBox users can reset their own PIN via

Go to and select 'Reset your NarcBox Access PIN?'.  Enter your email address associated with your User name in the account and select 'Send NarcBox Access PIN Reset Link'.

User to retrieve their PIN

The user will receive an email with a link.  They will need to select the link, enter their email address, and Submit. They will now be given their new PIN number.  (The PIN number will only change once the PIN is properly retrieved)

In order to use your PIN number immediately, on the NarcBox, go to settings, once your WiFi logo is green press Sync.  When you get a green check mark, your new credentials have now been synced to the box and can be used.  If you don't need to use the PIN immediately, the box is scheduled to auto sync every 12 hours and will retrieve your PIN at that time.

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