NTPro Export Reports Highlights

NTPro Export Reports Highlights

NarcTrak Pro allows you to have access to all of the reports in the Export Center. You can specify which boxes, users, medications (RFID and/or name), dates (including intervals and ranges), lockers, pouch tags, and so much more to get a specific report and get the information that you need. In the Export Center you can also save specific reports that you like to look at every month or would like to access quickly with the same data ranges. The one click reports are also included with NarcTrak Pro. This allows you to put certain reports together in a group and get them all at the same time. This is very beneficial when it comes to DEA audits because you can have everything they need right in one click! A picture is listed below of all the things included in creating a one click report. The second picture below shows how you add a report to your saved reports. All you do is select save and then add the name and you will be able to find the report in the Saved Reports tab. 



NarcTrak Pro

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