HQ Firmware Update Changelog

HQ Firmware Update Changelog

1.5.4 - 01/07/2022
  1. Fix multiple door reports when locker is left in an open state

1.5.2 - 7/29/2021
  1. Prevent users from dismanlting and empty pouch
  2. Allow users to enter Employee ID as a credential (security profile option)
  3. Encrypted Credentials Databases
  4. Allow auto connecting of multiple networks
  5. Dialog warning added if user tries to add a tagged med without lot number, expiration date, or form 222
  6. WiFi icon is now a button to go to WiFi settings
  7. Error message/instructions adjusted when trying to transfer out a pouch with incomplete, missing, or damage security tag

1.5.1 - 6/17/2021
  1. If WiFi is unavailable, prevent user from starting a process at the Manage Inventory screen
  2. Create independent program to handle Biometrics
  3. Added temperature field to locker calls
  4. Allowed EMT to be a second user on any operations (can not allow 2 EMTs)
  5. Sync failure error messages redone
  6. Save the current locker and us it as the default when the user starts any process
  7. Fixed - saved network connections
  8. Fixed Biometrics for 2 users

1.5.0 - 5/19/2021
  1. Adjusted Pouch Audit to not force item count if seal is intact and matches
  2. Expired meds are now highlighed Orange
  3. Created Item Audit Flow
  4. Network Menu Improvements
  5. Refactored App and pi with resolution 1024x600
  6. Added calendar widget for tagged med expiration dates
  7. Not allowing auto sync if HQ is not registered
  8. Prevent users from accessing inventory operstions when WiFi is down
  9. Save Door open alerts and Transfer out api calls if the network is disabled. Send the reports when the networks is connected again
  10. Adjusted error messages

1.4.9 - 4/12/2021
  1. Add Rename Pouch during Restock Process
  2. Add Open Locker and/or Switch Locker on Pouch and Tagged Med Screens/Flows
  3. Ethernet issues fixed
  4. Beginning of writing Tagged Med data to RFID tags

1.4.8 - 3/8/2021
  1. Replaced Screen Saver
  2. Audit reconcile fixes
  3. UI improvements
  4. Reset Credential timeout when RFID is scanned
  5. '&' added to keyboards

1.4.7 - 2/18/2021
  1. Disabled NonTagged meds for Pouch - will offer later
  2. Fix Log Med use credentials being sent
  3. Moved Repair All Lockers button to Locker Manager
  4. Add new item to top of lists
  5. Return error when sync fails
  6. Stabilized Networks page
  7. Bio and RFID added to same function on PINpad
  8. Improvement Locker Connection and Multi locker 
  9. Pouch handling for over stock pouches

1.4.6 - 1/5/2021
  1. Added Log Med Use options
  2. Biometrics improvements
  3. Pouch - added checkout now option

1.4.5 - 12/8/2020
  1. Include Pouch Audit date
  2. Fixed pairing new lockers
  3. Added icons to item and pouch management buttons
  4. Pouch Loadout Selection update
  5. Add RFID meta data to cards
  6. Add pouch name screen
  7. Refactored summary screen (also shows pouch seal ID)
  8. Pouch syncs only if enabled
  9. Fixed Med Summary Counts

1.4.4 - 11/2/2020
  1. Upper case keyboard only for pouch seals
  2. Implemented Biometrics and menus
  3. Fixed Locker Recover system
  4. Locker not connected alert set to every 2 hours
  5. Database Automation
  6. Pouch - Create, Restock, Check in/out, Audit, Dismantle, Retire
  7. Allow EMT to be second access user for 2 user security profile
  8. Display HQ MAC address on WiFi setting page

1.4.3 - 8/21/2020
  1. Fix RFID auth reading error
  2. Prevent users from accessing summary screen during inventory sync - disrupts sync

1.4.2 - 8/11/2020
  1. Prevent 2 calls with same time stamp
  2. Ability to set RFID sensitivity
  3. Credential time out disabled with locker open
  4. Network information and display improvements

1.4.1 -  7/24/2020
  1. Admin button
    1. Reload all inventory data
    2. Reload all locker data
    3. Re-Pair all lockers
  2. Create Pouch Dismantle and Retire flow
  3. Name Pouch in Pouch Creation
  4. Pouch Med capped at 40 meds
  5. Pouch RFID to 8 digits

1.3.2 - 4/06/2020
  1. Pouch Support added
  2. Summary issues resolved
  3. Audit Reconciliation issues fixed
  4. Double RFID scan error fixed
  5. Associate Locker now immediately rather than after reboot
  6. Disable Special Characters in all new tagged fields
  7. Door Closed Credentials being lost - fixed
  8. Transfer In and Out current count updating
  9. Out of reach locker warning time extended
  10. Timeouts fixed during transactions
  11. Med Sync fixed

1.27 - 2/10/2020
  1. Stabilized Bluetooth
  2. WiFi Connection character support
  3. Added Saved WiFi
  4. NarcBox HQ in sync request
  5. Allowed other security types for WiFi connection
  6. Full sync on Power up and new WiFi connection
  7. LAN port capability
  8. Current Firmware label
  9. Created system logger
  10. Popup relief

1.26 - 12/5/2019
  1. Add Hidden Network Capability

1.25 - 11/27/2019
  1. Fix Audits showing Pending
  2. Fix door alerts
  3. Fix 2 user access reporting
  4. Fix item check in with locker id
  5. Auto Lock door when closed (and credential time out)
  6. Fix Time
  7. Fix booting freezes
  8. Fix time stamp on audit and scanned items
  9. Adjust timing for alerts 'Can't connect to locker'

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