Form Management (NTPro Only)

Form Management (NTPro Only)

Form Management provides your department with an on-line repository to store all forms related to the purchasing and subsequent federal DEA documentation. 
Links to federal forms such as DEA C.S Destruction Form 106, and DEA Diversion Form 141 are provided and available for upload and on-line storage. 

As part of an active NarcTrak Pro subscription you can find Form Management under Forms on the left navigation panel in your NarcTrak online account.

Order Tracking Forms

Form 222, CSOS, PO, or other tracking forms. 

When an RFID Tracked item is added as new (or tag existing) on your NarcBox HQ unit, an Order Tracking Form will be automatically generated for you. 
You also have the option of adding one yourself.  Once a order tracking form has been created, any medication(s) that are added to your NarcTrak system (via an HQ) will automatically be associated to that Order Tracking Form here.  

Check out your Order Tracking Forms by selecting the 'Order Tracking Form' box.

You can add a new Order Tracking Form or edit an existing one.

To add press '+ New Order Tracking Form'.
To edit, find the Form you want to edit, hover over Actions and press 'Edit'.

Enter or Edit the information as necessary for your agency.  *Form ID is required*
When finished select 'Save' or 'Save & Continue'.

If adding a new form you will have the option to add an attachment (document or image) immediately after 'Save & Continue'.  Or you can add one at anytime by hovering over Actions on your form line and selecting 'Add Attachment'.

Click or drag a file to the area to upload.  Once your file(s) are added, press 'Upload Attachment'.

You can view any added attachment(s) under each form by selecting the files hyperlink.

You can also view all 'Current Inventory', 'Administered' medications, and 'Removed/Retired' medication by pressing the desired option.

Current Medication Inventory

Administered Medications

Removed/Retired Medications

Form 41

DEA Form 41 is used to request permission from the DEA to destroy controlled substances.

This section is to upload and store all of your Form 41s.  We also provide the link to the most recent DEA Form 41 for your convenience.

To add a new form select '+ Add Form 41'.

Enter or Select your Date of Destruction.  Then press 'Continue'.

Click or drag a file to the area to upload.  Once your file(s) are added, press 'Start Upload'

You can view any added attachment(s) using the drop down arrow under each form and selecting the files hyperlink.  
Or you can add an attachment by hovering over Actions on your forms line and selecting 'Add Attachment'.  Follow the same instructions above to upload an attachment.

Form 106

DEA Form 106 has been moved to an online submittal system.  That link can be found under Forms on your NarcTrak Pro account. Press the 'Form 106' box to be taken to the online DEA Form 106.

Go check out your Form Management section now.

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