Connecting to and Managing WiFi Networks

Connecting to and Managing WiFi Networks

Connecting your Narcbox to a WiFi connection is as simple as connecting any other modern internet enabled device. The Narcbox supports all 2.4 GHz WEP/WPA/WPA2 type connections as well as enterprise security. Open networks, 5 GHz bandwidth or networks requiring an internet browser login are not currently supported.

The Narcbox can store up to 10 WiFi networks, and can roam between them automatically depending on what is available and the strongest. When a transaction occurs on the Narcbox it automatically scans to find what is available. If a network is available and is on the saved list, it will connect to that network. If multiple saved networks are available, it will connect to the first or strongest available network on the saved network list.

First Time WiFi Connection Steps - 

First, you will need to know the WiFi name (SSID) and it's password before attempting to connect.  Keep in mind WiFi passwords are always case sensitive.

Plug in the Narcbox.  Allow the box to load for at least 30 seconds to allow time for the WiFi module to boot up.

Press the Settings Gear Icon in the top right corner of the screen, select "WiFi", and "Scan for Networks".

Find your desired network in the list, press on the network name to select.

This will bring up a screen showing the details of that network, and a location to enter a password. Press on the password field to enter your WiFi password. 

On the password entry screens, there are navigation buttons at the bottom to select small letters, caps, numbers and symbols. The Narcbox supports all standard WiFi allowed characters. Once you have entered your WiFi password, select "Done", then "Save". The Narcbox will then connect to the network. 

You will need to repeat this process for every network you want saved on the Narcbox.

Forgetting a Network - 

You can delete WiFi networks by going into the "Saved Networks" list, selecting a network, and choosing "Forget".  Select "Yes" to confirm deletion. The Narcbox will then delete that network info and will no longer automatically connect to that network. 

The Narcbox supports connecting to hidden WiFi networks (No SSID broadcast)-

You must be on 2.42+ firmware to use this feature. You can connect without scanning by going into the WiFi menu, selecting "Configuration", and press "Manual Config". You will the be prompted to enter the SSID (WiFi network name), followed by the network password. The Narcbox will then attempt to save and connect to that network. Once saved, it will treat it like any other network and connect to it automatically when necessary. 

Troubleshooting tips-

If you click "save" on a network and the Narcbox will not connect, it is almost always an incorrect password. Please check your password and remember that passwords are always case sensitive. 

If the Narcbox saves the network, and shows a green WiFi icon but can't contact the server (no sync, no live time), it is possible the router didn't initialize the link properly or there is no data flowing on the connection.  Let the Narcbox reattempt the connection by following these steps:

First, does this connection require a secondary browser login?

For example, once you have connected to this WiFi network, does the network require you to accept the terms and conditions of this network in order to fully connect and browse (very common for public WiFi networks)?  If the WiFi network does require a secondary authentication, you will need to work with your IT department for an alternate network connection that does not require this.

If your network connection has a firewall and its blocking the NarcBox from sending requests to the server and back again, you will need to make sure that your internet is allowing traffic to and from  Open Firewall port 80.  If you have an HQ, please also allow all communication to and from

If your network does not require a secondary authentication and you have confirmed their are no firewalls or the firewall tools are set in place, and the network and password are correct:

Go to the Menu -> System -> Maintenance. 

Press "Reset". The Narcbox will reboot; wait 2 minutes and then go into Settings.  The logo next to the WiFi will turn green if connected.

If you are still connected and cannot contact the server (no sync, no live time), reboot your router and allow it to fully reload.  Once reloaded, go to Settings and with the WiFi logo green, press "Sync".

If you are having trouble connecting your Narcbox please contact us and/or your IT team.

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