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You can choose which methods you would like your team members to use to access the NarcBoxes in your account by updating the information in the 'NarcBox Security Profiles'.  By default the 'NarcBox Security Profiles' are set to use the PIN numbers that have been activated by your Users (Users are automatically assigned a random number for their PIN number). You can change this online by going to the Settings page, and clicking on the Security tab. 

Under 'NarcBox Security Profiles', you will see the different methods that you can select to allow access to the NarcBoxes on your account. By simply checking the RFID box, you have enabled RFID cards to access the box. You can keep PINs active as well, or turn them off and use RFID only.  However, we do recommend to always have PIN enabled as it is a great backup method if the RFID isn't readableAny mix of methods is allowed, although if you have selected that 2 people must be present to open a box, it must be two different people. One person can not use their PIN, and then use their RFID card and gain access to a NarcBox.   

You will notice that there are two other settings you can turn on:  must be an administrator and require two forms of authentication per user.  These options will tighten security on the NarcBoxes.